15 Tips To Design A Happier Home

Did you know that your house or apartment could improve your mood? With a few relaxing home decorating ideas, you could be waking up on the good side of the bed every morning. Read on for tips from our top interior design pros on how to design a happier home and get started with incorporating these easy tips on creating your personal cheerful space.

1. Design a Happier Home with Light

First and foremost is lighting. Layering light (task, accent, and ambient) is an effective way to improve the atmosphere of your house. Start by making your home light and bright. Incorporate lightbulbs with a warmer tone for living areas (e.g. lounge and bedrooms), and cooler tone lightbulbs in the office and bathrooms. If you decide to showcase tranquil home decor, highlight them with strategic focal accent lighting.

2. Design a Happier Bathroom for Your Home

The humble bathroom has become synonymous with pampering me-time. Make this space as comfortable as possible and equip it with what you need – a counter for your book, wine glass, or candles – you name it! The prettier the better. Go wild within this small space and try some of your favorite relaxing home décor ideas.

3. The Secret to Relaxing Home Décor Ideas: Just Add Plants

Want to know how to decorate a happy home on a budget? Just add fresh plants! Some greenery can transform a cold apartment into a rejuvenating sanctuary in no time. Not only do plants make a house feel homier, but it can also purify the air and increase oxygen levels.

4. Neaten Your Tranquil Home & Décor

A sure way to design a happier home is by eliminating clutter. Objects not only occupy space physically but also take root in your mind. Go beyond tidying up. Assess all the items in your home – furniture and décor. Then keep only the things that bring you joy and serve a purpose. If you let go of what serves no purpose you’ll free up prime real estate for more movement.

5. Design a Happier Room Plan for Your Home

There is no way around it; your room layout matters. According to Feng Shui, a bad room plan leads to negative energy.

But you don’t need to be an expert on energy to know that the layout of an interior influence how you live in that space. If your house has a practical layout, it will be a pleasure to live in. Whereas a cluttered, unpractical room is frustrating and will likely only annoy you. You can design a happier home simply by perfecting your room plan. For instance, if you want to create an inviting home, set up your furniture so that it favors conversation.

For example, if you want to be more creative, make a home that inspires and enables you to do that. Showcase your favorite artwork or artist, and make sure you have space to be creative. Or, if you want to spend more time socializing, pick a room layout and furniture setup that encourages shared activities. If it’s a family home, you could also highlight shared interested and cherished memories.

6. Designate A Private Happy Space

Sometimes you need more than some tranquil home décor to boost your mood. That’s where a happy room comes in. Dedicate an area in your home for your relaxing escape – it can be a room or a quiet corner. Here you can take time to make space uber comfy in a style that encourages your happiness. Create whatever you need for a little break to recharge your batteries, be it a cozy reading nook or a minimalist meditation zone.

7. Choose a Signature Home Scent

If you want to know how to decorate a happy home, delight all the senses, including smell. Give your home a signature fragrance – think sweet, fruity, woody, or minty. Whenever you smell your home’s dedicated aroma, you can expect a mood lift just because of the positive connotations associated with the smell. Candles, diffusers, and incense sticks are all good ways to add aromatic loveliness.

8. Maximize Sunlight to Highlight Tranquil Home Decor

Have you ever wondered why sunny days make you feel happy? Well, that’s thanks to the brain’s response to sunlight. Sun exposure triggers the hormone serotonin, which improves mood and helps us to focus.

So, brighten your days by making the most of natural light coming through the windows. If you don’t have access to much sunlight, mimic its glow with warm white lighting or double natural light you have with mirrors. Use design tips like placing mirrors opposite a window to brighten your home even more. And opt for limited window dressing like sheer curtains instead of heavy drapes.

9. Welcome Personal Touches

Give your home personality! Put your stamp on your interior by showing off items you love most. Arrange those treasured mementos, pictures, or quirky collector’s pieces where you can admire them. But keep it neat by showcasing only one or two items at a time and swap them out for a quick room refresh.

10. Get a Cleaning Routine

Tidy up, often. Living in a clean and organized home is sure to bring you more joy than existing in a mess. If you start your day on a productive note, say you make your bed, you’re giving yourself a focus boost. Plus, you’ll be very happy to see a perfectly made bed when you’re ready to turn in.

11. Add Visual Structure

Sometimes life is messy and unpredictable. Luckily you can counter stress and uncertainty with structure at home. Design a happier home by making the most of the calming effect of symmetry and vignettes. Arrange décor in groups of three or five, and be playful, it doesn’t have to be perfect! For instance, place two similar shaped objects next to something completely different for aesthetic interest.

12. Let Go of What Doesn’t Serve You (and Keep What Makes You Happy)

How to decorate a happy home doesn’t just rely on the addition of things. Sometimes it is through eliminating the unnecessary. Take time to go through everything you own. If something makes you feel uncomfortable, sad, or unhappy get rid of it.

Everything you decide to keep within your home must serve some purpose, whether it’s practical or pleasing.  Sell or donate those things you’ve outgrown and no longer need. You’ll certainly feel lighter. Besides, less clutter means less needless worrying!

13. Create Visual Excitement

Play with relaxing home decorating ideas that mix pattern and texture. Often everyday life makes us lose touch with our senses, which is why it’s important to add stimulation at home. Mix it up with different textiles, some silky, some rough, and color-rich tranquil home décor. Never stop trying new combinations – velvet and burlap might just be what you need!

14. Focus on Color to Design a Happier Home

Color can affect our mental states, from our mood to productivity levels. Some tones can lift our spirits, others can calm us down, and a few could be oppressive. If you want to know which colors will work best for your happy interior, go with what makes you feel good. This tends to be the colors you’re drawn to. Consider your favorite accessories, clothing, and those of the interiors you adore. Put them into your home and note the difference in how you feel.

You can also use the power of color and express your personality in your home. However, be mindful that although bright color can uplift you, too much of a good thing can overwhelm your senses. When it comes to designing a happier home, a little color can go a long way. Incorporate your favorite tones in small doses, for example, a throw, lampshade, or rug in your chosen hue can make a substantial impact.

15. Add White to Your Relaxing Home Decorating Ideas

White can bring lightness into a home, literally as it bounces light, and figuratively thanks to its positive connotations. Moreover, light walls are a clever interior trick that can make a room feel more spacious than it is. But make sure you choose a tone that suits your home as some may feel stark. The perfect color will make a lovely backdrop, letting your most cherished items take center stage.

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